Office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, is that office of the Presidency that is responsible for ensuring the effective co-ordination and monitoring of the implementation of Government policies and decisions.


Monitor and Coordinate the implementation of Government Policies and Programmes; Serve as frontline advisory institution of the Presidency; Drive Policy formulation, harmonization, and implementation; and Monitor institutions of governance.


To lead and serve as an effective engine room for policy formulation, harmonisation, implementation and monitoring of the institutions of governance.


To deploy political will, administrative expertise, professionalism and the values of loyalty and commitment in support of the attainment of the goals of the Federal Government.

  • Serves as frontline advisory institution of the presidency
  • Coordinates and monitors the activities of Ministries and Giovernment Agencies, especially on the implementation of Government Decisions, policies and programmes
  • Serves as the Secretariat of the National Council of State, the Federal Executive Council and other Constitutional Councils which are chaired by the President or the Vice President.
  • Deals with constitutional, political and economic matters as may be referred to the Presidency.
  • Provides support services to Administrative Tribunals, Commissions and Panels of Enquiry.
  • Coordinates national security and public safety matters.
  • Handles protocol matters
  • Deals with matters related to the conditions of service of political office holders
  • Processing of appointments to the headship of Statutory Bodies, Commissions and Agencies
  • Processing of matters related to the prerogative of mercy
  • National Honours Awards
  • Handles petitions and appeals to the President.
  • Processing of requests for approval for duty tours and medical treatment abroad
  • Liaison with Secretaries to State Governments
  • Provision of office accommodation and support services to political office holders.

The OSGF is also responsible for the supervision of several agencies of government and handles the affairs of all political holders. There are six offices in the OSGF as follows;

  • The General Services Office
  • The Cabinet Affairs Office
  • The Political and Economic Affairs Office
  • The Special Duties Office
  • The Ecological Fund Office
  • The Special Services Office