The Library Department is a repository of Government Publications, varied reference materials and information resources in other fields of knowledge to facilitate the discharge of the functions of the Office. In addition, it provides services to other Government Agencies, Public Libraries, members of the Academia, private Researchers and the general public. It welcomes the use of its general reference materials and endeavors to offer the widest possible use of its collections. Essentially, the OSGF Library provides relevant information for Education, Research, Planning, Policy Decisions & Analysis for the purpose of good Governance and Administration.

The OSGF Library comprises four libraries including the following:

  • Reference Shehu Shagari Complex
  • e-Library Shehu Shagari Complex
  • OSGF Library Federal Secretariat Phase I
  • Political & Economic Affairs Office Library Shehu Shagari Complex
  • Presidential Advisory Council Library Federal Secretariat Phase I
  • The Library is headed by a Director who administers the affairs of the Department

For effective and efficient service delivery, the Library performs the following professional functions to facilitate the implementation of the statutory roles of the Office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation as the frontline advisory institution of the Presidency:

  • Ensure management/operation of a functional Library in the OSGF that assists in Public Policy formulation and implementation of Government programes for ¬†National Development;
  • Provides access to all types of informational materials, physical & electronic that are required for policy making and good governance as well as facilitates its function as the Secretariat to the Federal Executive Council(FEC);
  • Provides relevant information as may be required on constitutional, political and economic issues;
  • Compile and update Federal Government Publications in both hard and soft copies as well as subscribe to relevant journals, periodicals and serials that will enhance credible collection of materials for National Development;
  • Provides Selective Dissemination of Information(SDI);and
  • Provides users with internet platform for research and information.