• Carrying out periodic needs assessment of the Ecological Project Office;
  • Issuing out Mandatory Requirements for the engagement of Consultants/Contractors for Goods, Works and Services under the Ecological Project Office;
  • Handling and Coordination of all processes leading to the Procurement of goods, works and services in the EFO;
  • Ensuring compliance with the laid down procurement rules/regulations/guidelines, as is binding on all that are involved in the procuring processes;
  • Ensuring an accurate record of all procurement activities of the Ecological Project Office for the auditing process;
  • Ensuring periodic training and equipping of procurement Staff for optimum efficiency;
  • Ensuring that the provisions of the Public Procurement Act, 2007 are strictly adhered to;
  • Document and Carry out Due Diligence Inspections on all projects to ensure “Value for Money”;
  • Compilation of records of all Contractors/Consultants of the Ecological Project Office;
  • Ensuring discipline of erring Staff of the Procuring entity (EFO) found breaching the procedures and processes;
  • Report any acts or forms of Procurement corruptions;
  • Review of any additional works or variations in order to ensure:
    • that the specification and rates are consistent;
    • the avoidance of computational errors;
    • value for money; and
    • that the special conditions of contract and Agreement are not breached.