The Legal Unit

The Legal Unit of the Office of the Secretary to the government of the Federation is one of the most important Units in the Office.  By the Office Organogram, it is placed directly under the Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF).  Hence, the Legal Adviser, who is the Head of the Unit reports to the SGF.  The Legal Unit is entrusted with the responsibilities of representing the Honourable Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice by providing adequate legal services and support to the OSGF, its Parastatals, Commissions, Agencies and even to Ad-hoc Committees established by Government.  The Unit therefore, provides its legal advice and support in respect of all areas of the functions and responsibilities of the OSGF, and also handles all civil cases against the OSGF, its Parastatals, Commissions and Agencies before courts throughout the country.

The Unit is headed by the Legal Adviser (Emmanuel E. Akissa, Esq.), who together with other professional staff are deployed from the Federal Ministry of Justice. The Unit has a complement of Ten Professional Staff, including the Legal Adviser. In addition to the Professional Staff, the Unit is supported by seven (7) administrative staff.

The functions of the Legal Unit include:

  • Rendering Legal Advice to all offices, Departments, Divisions and Units in the OSGF, as well as those referred to OSGF by its Parastatals, Commissions, Agencies and Ad-hoc Committees;
  • Advocacy/Litigations, i.e. representing or defending the OSGF, its Parastatals, Commissions, Agencies and Ad-hoc Committees in suits filed against them before Courts of law in the country;
  • Drafting/Vetting all forms of Legal Documentations such as Agreements, Memoranda and other Legal Documents for the OSGF, its Parastatals, Commissions, Agencies and Ad-hoc Committees;
  • Attendance at Board, Management or Committee Meetings, such as Ministerial Tenders Board (MTB), Management Committees and other Ad-hoc Committees its Parastatals, Commissions, Agencies and ad-hoc Committees in which the attendance of the Legal Unit is required;
  • The Legal Unit in conjunction with the Parastatals and the Department, handling the processes for appointment into Statutory Boards in accordance with the respective statutes and other legal instruments;
  • Liaison with other government bodies on behalf of the OSGF, especially on legal issues;
  • Handling of petitions, appeals and other legal correspondence made to the SGF, which may be referred to the unit by the SGF;
  • Analysing and advising on legal aspects of government policies and programmes, and
  • Performing such other functions or duties as may be directed by the SGF.

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