The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Department is one of the Departments under the General Services Office.
For the effective discharge of its mandate, the Department comprises three divisions, namely:-

  • Network and Communication
  • Software and e-Government
  • System Support Service
  • Advise the SGF on ICT policies of the Federal Government
  • Advice on the procurement of computer systems and general information technology and communication infrastructure in OSGF
  • Installation, maintenance, and repairs of computer infrastructure in OSGF
  • Design, develop and maintain the OSGF website
  • Automate all processes within OSGF
  • Ensure the implementation of e-Governance within OSGF and Service-wide
  • Develop and implement a robust e-Governance strategy that will encourage citizen participation
  • Design, implement and maintain the network (LAN, WLAN, WiMAX &  VPN) in OSGF, Federal Secretariat Phase 1, and all other buildings under  the control of OSGF
  • Provision and maintenance of internet services
  • Provide a central ICT support services for the entire OSGF
  • Design, develop and maintain OSGF’s Virtual Library
  • Provide technical support for the implementation of integrated Personnel Payroll and Information System (IPPIS) in OSGF
  • Organize and conduct intensive In-house ICT training programmes for the staff of OSGF and
  • Assist and advise on the supervision of ICT-related matters of Agencies under the supervision of OSGF