The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Department is one of the Departments under the General Services Office.
For the effective discharge of its mandate, the Department comprises of three divisions, namely:-

  • Network and Communication
  • Software and e-Government
  • System Support Service
  • Advise the SGF on ICT policies of the Federal Government
  • Advice on the procurement of computer systems and general information technology and communication infrastructure in OSGF
  • Installation, maintenance, and repairs of computer infrastructure in OSGF
  • Design, develop and maintain the OSGF website
  • Automate all processes within OSGF
  • Ensure the implementation of e-Governance within OSGF and Service-wide
  • Develop and implement a robust e-Governance strategy that will encourage citizen participation
  • Design, implement and maintain the network (LAN, WLAN, WiMAX &  VPN) in OSGF, Federal Secretariat Phase 1, and all other buildings under  the control of OSGF
  • Provision and maintenance of internet services
  • Provide a central ICT support services for the entire OSGF
  • Design, develop and maintain OSGF’s Virtual Library
  • Provide technical support for the implementation of integrated Personnel Payroll and Information System (IPPIS) in OSGF
  • Organize and conduct intensive In-house ICT training programmes for the staff of OSGF and
  • Assist and advise on the supervision of ICT-related matters of Agencies under the supervision of OSGF

Institutional e-Mail

The office has adopted the use of official e-mail for all official correspondence whilst strongly discouraging the use of personal emails for conducting any government activities. Government’s guidance states that government business should be recorded in government record systems. Hence in a situation where staff receive work-related emails on their personal email accounts, they are advised to immediately forward them to their government email address. This can help avoid the need to search personal email accounts when a public records request is received.

As of 31st December 2023, the office has 425 official mailboxes assigned to staff with plans to further acquire more mailboxes.

For official e-mail correspondence, you can reach the various Registries via the below links:

Official e-Mail Response and Utilisation by staff

Correspondence via official e-mail has risen to over 87% as at 30th April 2024 as against a 60% utilisation as at December 2023. Continual sensitization is being carried out until 100% utilization is achieved.

Social Media Accounts

The office maintains various social media accounts where it engages with the public and interacts directly with citizens.
These accounts include: