• Initiates measures aimed at effective implementation of Government economic policies
  • Provides an in-house mini think-tank on economic issues for SGF’s office
  • Monitors capital projects and economic programmes of special interest to the SGF
  • Monitors the economic performance of the various sectors of the economy
  • Evaluates Government programmes/projects and make appropriate policy recommendations
  • Engages in macro-economic analysis
  • Carries out research in key industries (having high linkage effects) in the economy
  • Prepares reports on selected Federal Government projects, as may be directed by the SGF
  • Undertakes special studies and investigations as may be directed by the SGF on the economic policies of Government
  • Relates with economic research-oriented Agencies/Institutions
  • Assembles socio-economic reports from other Agencies, e.g. the Federal Ministry of Finance, National Planning Commission, Central Bank of Nigeria, etc. and
  • Handles relations with multilateral Organizations, including the World Bank Group (IBRD, IDA, IFAD, UNIDO and WTO), relevant United Nations Programmes (UNDP, UNCTAD, WFP), specialized Agencies/Commissions (ILO, FAO, ECA) and non-United Nations Multilateral Organizations.