Q: What is e-Participation

The Nigerian Government, in recognition of the need to evolve itself through reforms and modernization of its processes using information and communication technology, otherwise known as electronic government has designed an e-Participation system which will provide a platform for Government to interface with the Nigerian public through SMS using GSM phones for the purpose of monitoring or tracking the implementation of government projects.

Q: Objective of the E-Participation System

The e-Participation System provides a platform for government to interface with the people through SMS on GSM phones and through internet facilities. It enables the government to monitor progress on ongoing and completed projects since images and other information on such projects can be forwarded through SMS and the internet. It also provides a means for the government to receive feedback from the public on both completed and ongoing projects.

Q: Benefits to Grass Roots/ Citizens:

  • participate in monitoring of Federal Government Projects in their locality,
  • serve as sources of accurate feedback to government with pictures to support their view about any project,
  • directly communicate with the Government through SMS and Internet services,
  • voice their opinion to the Government and be heard,
  • get to know list of all Federal government projects located within a locality, and
  • suggest any developmental project need of a locality directly to the Federal Government.

Q: Benefits to Government:

  • have a means of getting direct feedback on projects implementation from the grassroots,
  • Contractors performance can be monitored by the grassroots,
  • Empower the grassroots to take ownership on Government in their localities
  • Increased Government transparency and anti corruption stance,
  • Provide additional information for decisions making.